March 23, 2018

On a taco meeting with Flor and Robert!
Continuing with the Acari Fish / El Diablito project, here is the prototype for the packaging.  It is still in the works, I will need to make changes, but excited for the prospects.  I am continuing work on Upwork on various projects. One project was locally tracking down a specific Oaxaqeña ‘artesenia’ and mailing it to the US, a very interesting project indeed, given my limted Spanish!

Also, in those regards, I am now taking Spanish classes 4 hours a day during the week at Oaxaca Spanish Magic.  I met Flor, who runs a free language exchange at the Oaxaca Lending Library and she runs this school.  It is a bit slower pace than my previous lessons in Puebla, but I am glad that I can review things I seemed to have forgotten already!