November 16, 2017

I’ve been pretty busy lately, doing a quick turnaround design for Seattle Black Panthers 50 year event, Facebook banner and sticker help for a queer comedy duo radio show, and a portfolio website for a friend as well!

    I just got into rainy Seattle today!  I was on my way from Puebla to Mexico City and a man asked for help as he lost his wallet and needed $17 bus fare.  I was a little skeptical, only because of what the norm is in Seattle. He said his driver on the other side would have money ready! I agreed, and when we were on the bus saw that he had a wallet, but I guess not with money... What? We pulled up and walked down to his driver who had a credit card, which was worn out so the ATM wouldn’t take it. And next thing I know I’m in a taxi going to an office downtown to retreive money! I guess it goes to show that no matter how crazy a situation is, Sometimes people just need a hand, even momentarily. Otherwise, he’d have been at the station all day.    The guy asked to keep in contact as he owns a company that does video, and may need a graphic designer for future projects!  Well that’s one way to make connections!