October 23, 2017

I am getting started with online freelancing this week along with a couple of projects in queue. Trying out Upwork and Fiverr! I’ve been reading up on blogs and a little hestitant to work with Fiverr, only because freelancers do so much for so little. And how would I get work with so many competitors offering lower prices? There are a few “pro” users charging standard rates, but I’ve heard that they’ve been hand picked by the company.
    Browsing the Fiverr website gives me sort of a dystopian outlook on things, as if we’re all robots working for the lowest common denominator. This guy Nevelle Madhora did a great experiment seeing what he could get with $302. Click on the image to check it out.
    I have a friend who has made money through this though, so I figured I’d might as well try. I also think Fiverr would be great use in an art project. I’m not sure how yet, but the spokespeople would definitely be part of it...